Permanent makeup prices

Nowadays, the permanent makeup has become really popular indeed, it is a very popular procedure among the ladies. However, often, people start wondering what permanent make up is and how it works. In the first place, it is a procedure which is done similar like a tattoo, the pigment is put inside the skin.

MICROBLADING or HAIR STROKES for those who love natural image. The drawn hair imitate natural hair.

SHADING IN OMBRE style – for those who love brighter image. The eyebrow is completely shaded using several colors by tinting from light color to dark.
THE CLASSICAL EYELID CONTOUR – a liner. Always good for all women. The thickness of the contour is discussed with the customer according to her wish from the accentuation of the eyelashes line up to a perfectly beautiful small arrow.
3 D VOLUME. An opportunity to optically enlarge the lips, give them an ideal form and make a sharp contour.

WATERCOLOUR. Technique is applied to those who do not want a bright contour and wish a tender colour.
Today, there are much more specialists who do this treatment, but still it is not easy to find a very qualified specialist.

Permanent of top of the eyes 280 eur.

Duration 2 hours.

Permanent of bottom and top of eyes 230 eur.

Duration 2,5 hours.

Permanent of lips 350 eur.

Duration 4 hours.

Permanent of eyebrows 280 eur. 

Duration 2 hours.

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