Cosmetology services

Ultrasonic face cleansing 55 Eur

Ultrasonic face cleansing

+ Sonophoresis 65 Eur

Mechanical face cleansing 60 Eur

Facial procedure using

Oxygen Ceuticals and Oxygen Botanicals cosmetics 50 Eur


Oxegen therapy IntraCeuticals 55-75 Eur

Peeling with fruit acids 55-65 Eur


Classic facial massage 35 Eur
Mesotherapy for the face / neck / décolleté / hands / body  1 ml – 60 Eur


Facial fillers  1 ml  from – 220 Eur

Lip augmentation with hyaluronic acid 1ml from – 250 Eur



Facial procedure using Repechage cosmetics 55-75 Eur
 Procedures Price Result Recommendation
Ultrasonic face cleansing 55 Cleansing action is based on high-frequency vibrations – ultrasonic waves emitted by the special metal plate (“spatula”), have a variable acoustic pressure on the liquid medium applied to the skin.

  • improvement of collagen and elastin production – the components necessary for the maintenance of skin elasticity and freshness;
  • toning up the muscles that provides lifting;
  • sebum production normalization;
  • skin relief smoothing;
  • skin top layer’s renewal;
  • anti-inflammatory effect;
  • extended pores’ narrowing, comedones’ removal (black dots) etc.
For young, oily or mixed face skin -1 time in 1-2 months, for mature or dry skin – 1 time in 6 months.
Ultrasonic face cleansing

+ Sonophoresis

65 The procedure is usually performed after ultrasonic peeling and ultrasonic vibrations allow putting into the dermis various active ingredients contained in the cosmetic products.

Ultrasonic vibrations perform an intensive micro-massage of tissues at the cellular level, increase microcirculation and saturate the skin with oxygen.

Ultrasound increases the elasticity of connective tissue by restoring collagen and elastic fibers, tones muscles, improves lymph drainage.

Mechanical face cleansing 60 Mechanical face cleansing is a hygienic procedure on the facial skin that helps to remove the impurities: deep pimples, comedones, acne are being cleaned. This procedure helps to create the necessary balance of sebum and moisture, to stop inflammatory processes. This face cleansing method is time-tested and, probably, most effectively helps not only to make the skin radiant, but also to get rid of acne. For young, oily or mixed face skin -1 times in 1-2 months, for mature or dry skin – 1 time in 6 months.
Facial procedure using

 Oxygen Ceuticals and Oxygen Botanicals cosmetics

50 This is an oxygen cosmetics based on the complex CMI OXYGEN COMPLEX ™.
It brightens and saturates the skin with oxygen, makes radiant, cleans and moistures it.
Procedures and course are assigned individually.
Facial procedure using

Repechage cosmetics


55-75 The American brand Repêchage guarantees:

  • the perfect quality tested in research laboratories using quality control system of USA;
  • the immediate WOW and prolonged effects after the procedure;
  • safety of the procedures due to non-aggressive components suitable for sensitive facial skin.
Procedures and course are assigned individually.


Oxegen therapy IntraCeuticals







1.Program.  Rejuvenation and biorevitalization.





Renewal and radiance.




Correction and lifting



4.Program. For the problem skin and acne treatment.

55-75 Intraceuticals is a system based on the purified hyperbaric oxygen. Due to this system under the pressure of oxygen your skin is being saturated with hyaluronic acid and serums that intensively moisturizes the skin and enriches it with necessary substances and also creates the healthy skin effect immediately after the first procedure.





Suitable for both mature skin with deep wrinkles and for young skin with the signs of initial aging. Serum provides the “restart” of metabolic processes in the skin, increases its density, elasticity, removes wrinkles. It has a noticeable anti-aging effect and prevents aging.


Suitable for all skin types, especially for skin with pigmentation, dull color, post acne. Due to the action of special serum the skin renewal is stimulated, the pores are reduced, the skin is being clarified and looks renewed, fresh and moisturized.



An intense and effective program of mimic wrinkle correction for the skin of any age and type. Due to the effect of serum and oxygen the facial muscles become relaxed, the wrinkles become less noticeable, and the skin becomes smoothed. It gives an instant lifting-effect, eliminates superficial and deep wrinkles.


Due to the rich content of healing components the procedure has an anti-inflammatory and sebo-regulatory effect. It has therapeutic and antibacterial effect on the problem skin. Vitamins and antioxidants instantly relieve irritation, redness, cleanse the skin, hide defects and inflammation. After the procedure the skin becomes deeply moisturized, looks healthy and radiant.

6 procedures‘ course had noticeable anti-aging and revitalizing effect and significantly improves the skin quality.
Peeling with fruit acids




Age group:


From 15 tо 25 years



From 25 to 30 years




From 35 tо 45 years












From 45 to 60 years

55-65 Such procedure will help to get rid of acne and the signs of post acne on the young skin. And will help to slow aging, to lighten the tone of face and to eliminate pigment spots on the mature skin.




Problems to be resolved


Signs of acne, expanded pores, oily skin, scaling, signs of post acne.



The appearance of the first wrinkles and signs of aging, loss of skin elasticity, the appearance of pigment spots, for the prevention of early aging.


The appearance of deeper wrinkles, skin dullness and flabbiness, the appearance of pigment spots.












In case of significantly noticeable wrinkles, unhealthy facial skin, sagging skin.





You can conduct the course of 10 sessions with 1-2 week intervals or 1 time in several months


3–4 peelings every 12 months



It is recommended to conduct the course of treatment of 4-5 sessions and then the procedure can be repeated one time in 1, 5 months. In some case, you can take the course of 10 sessions with 1 week interval.


3-5 procedure course is recommended

Mesotherapy for the face / neck / décolleté / hands / body




1 ml – 60








Mesotherapy is a method of rejuvenation that helps to activate metabolic processes in the skin and to restore the skin of the face, neck, décolleté, hands and body.
Injectable mesotherapy will help to solve the following aging problems:

  • facial oval ptosis (defomation);
  • wrinkles and dull facial color;
  • couperose and acne;
  • flabby skin;
  • hyperpigmentation;
  • post acne scars;
  • skin sagging in the area of nasolabial folds and furrow near the mouth;
  • double chin.


6-10 procedures with 7-10 day interval are recommended.




Mesotherapy for


Mesotherapy for the eyebrows

  These are injections of specially developed preparations and their combinations (cocktails) that help to eliminate a lot of head skin problems as well as to improve blood circulation in this area and hair follicles supply with the nutrients. 6-10 procedures with 7-10 day interval are recommended.


BIOREVITALIZATION From 150 Intradermal injections of hyaluronic acid not only saturate the skin with moisture, but also allow maintaining of the optimal level of hydration for a long period. The activity and functioning of dermis cells become improved, metabolic processes in cells become activated, the nutrition improves, the skin receives necessary nutrients and oxygen, free radicals are released.



Procedures and course are assigned individually.


Sessions vary from one to two sessions per month with 15-30 days interval.


Facial fillers From 220 – 1 ml
Lip augmentation with hyaluronic acid From 250 – 1ml
Classic facial massage 35  Facial massage is complemented with the massage of the neck and décolleté zone. This is the best way of fighting with the skin aging. Facial skin has many biologically active points responsible for the activity of organs and systems of the body, the mechanical impact on them leads to the whole body’s activity’s improvement.
The benefit of massage procedures that will be visible after several sessions:

  • the face color improves due to the increase of the blood flow to the face skin;
  • metabolism becomes normal;
  • the skin becomes healthy and beautiful;
  • the number of different wrinkles, including the mimic ones, decreases;
  • general condition of the skin improves, the puffiness disappears.


Up to 25 – 27 years the facial massage is necessary only if the face skin is very oily and porous, and also in case of acne in the remission stage.


From 28 to 40 years the physiological stages of aging begin, the massage is necessary for preventive purposes: skin aging slowing, supporting of the muscle tone of the face, neck and décolleté area.


After 40 years the classic facial massage is the first way to fight5with the wrinkles, to improve the appearance and general condition of the body. It is applicable both for women and men.

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